Listen to some of Kathy's research:

Podcast: Beating the Blues

Ever wonder why you feel the urge to stamp your feet or click your fingers in time to music?  Turns out it’s your grey matter hard at work. Your brain loves rhythm, seeks it out, in fact. And rhythm has a startling effect on our emotional and physical health.

In this podcast, percussionist and educator Kathy Armstrong takes us on an ear tingling exploration of her new research into drumming and health. Beating the Blues is produced by brain fans Roberta Walker and Dick Miller



Kathy Armstrong offers both formal and informal talks that explore the richness of participatory music-making and the power this has to unite people and support wellness at both the individual and group level. These talks can be on their own or integrated with a participatory drumming workshop.


 Past speaking and workshop engagements have included:

  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • Neurologic Physiotherapy Group Ottawa
  • Health Canada
  • Conference Board of Canada
  • New Directions in Music Education Conference, Michigan State University
  • International Community Music Conference, Laurier University
  • Jackman Humanities Institute Symposium, University of Toronto
  • Drumming and Percussion for Health and Rehabilitation Conference, University of Toronto
  • Power of the Arts National Forum, Carleton University
  • Parkinson’s patients, Boxing 4 Life
  • South East Ottawa Community Health Centre