“I really enjoyed my immersion into the way of life of Dagbamete village this past summer. Such a cultural transition. It took me a couple of days to sink in. People were kind and patient. Drumming helped me settle in. Watching the children in the village play around us as we were taught gave me the sense that the music is part of a way of life. This was also a chance to remember that ‘poverty’ is so subjective and that traditional ways of life maintain some qualities of connection that modern living seems in danger of discarding.”- Jane Wheeler, Festival Retreat participant


The ultimate creative wellness travel experience! A social enterprise project in partnership with the West African Cultural Exchange Centre, in the village of Dagbamete, Volta Region of Ghana.

Pulse! Festival & Retreat; Ghana, West Africa. Hosted by Kwasi Dunyo and Kathy Armstrong

Next trip July 16-26, 2020

  • Group lessons in traditional drumming, dancing and singing

  • Optional workshops in cooking, weaving, textile printing

  • Visits to nearby villages to witness community gatherings, customs and performances

  • Visit local markets

  • Trip to Tafe- Atome Monkey Sanctuary with overnight in Ho, capital of VR

  • Experience local Ghanaian foods

  • Participatory weekend arts festival featuring performances of local traditional drum and dance music

 For information on costs and arrangements, please use the contact form on this website.

"When I think of Ghana I smile and remember how warmly I was welcomed into a village of generous  people of every age.  I envy the rhythm by which they go about their daily chores. I’m not a drummer, so I approached those drums with a little apprehension, but it wasn’t long before talented and patient teachers had me grooving with the professionals. I  even performed in public! It was an experience of a lifetime, one I hope to repeat. It has left its mark on me for sure." -Lois McGrath,  Festival Retreat participant

“Spending time in Dagbamete was a unique way to be immersed in village life and the music that is so much a part of the culture.  We were warmly welcomed into daily life in the village including traditional ceremonies in Dagbamete and other villages nearby.  I was a complete novice to drumming, but our teachers were supportive and encouraging and it was easy to fall in love with it all, including the children who came to watch and sometimes participate — all of it contributing to a spirit of joy through music.  Kathy made sure we experienced life outside Dagbamete, including market day in a town nearby where absolutely everything imaginable can be found.  Every day was a magical surprise.” - Catherine Matthews, Festival Retreat participant