Custom Workshops


Create the perfect interactive drumming workshop for your workplace, group or sports team.

“There is such a large amount of musical information being communicated at one time that participants have little time to consider anything outside of their immediate attention.  Freedom from overthinking aspects of their performance is empowering for many of the group members, and this empowerment comes, in part, from the relationship performers have with one another. It provides a flow experience! ” - Kathy Armstrong, Drumming up Health

“The way that the drumming music is organized, where each person learns to play and perform each part of a piece, so that each member is on equal footing as every other member, it creates such a strong community that can really rely on each other”– Julia Walmsley, musician and educator, in Drumming Up Health
“We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to allow the team to become stronger and more cohesive. We search for team bonding events which incorporate unique experiences. When the opportunity to engage in drumming came up, we thought it was a perfect fit. Where on court rhythm is crucial to the team’s success, the rhythm of drumming together seemed like a fantastic way to bring the team even closer. As a high-performance team striving to be one of the top teams in the country, any opportunity to improve is important. After the session was completed, we could see that the girls had enjoyed a great experience all around. ”– Bob Armstrong, Toronto’s Leaside Lightning U16 Volleyball Coach